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Hi! I'm Jone Bosworth, J.D., CEO of inCourage Leading, LLC, we're all about growing greatness.

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Jone Bosworth's inCourage Leading, LLC focuses on supporting leaders and organizations to move into and stay within the place of possibilities: mindsets wired for success, focus fully present, skilled at high impact communications, access to a confidential thinking partner -- a sounding board for results and (pro)action. As a strategist, Bosworth serves up "what works" and what research tells us, not what's wrong and needs to be fixed.  I'd love to have you come see me at Feel free to email me ([email protected]) or connect via other social media!  Some of the things people say about Jone Bosworth: "Jone is both a visionary and get-things-done leader." Jada Rupley, Governor's Early Learning System Director, State of Oregon "I've had the opportunity of working with Jone in two capacities -- one as a consultant to her when she was an agency head In Washington State government, the other with her serving as consultant to me on a project. I found her to be one of the most dynamic and self-directed agency heads I've worked with in government; she knew her subject, she knew what she wanted to accomplish, but most of all she knew how to make things happen and did so -- a rare trait. As a result, when I needed an expert on children services for a project we were working on several years later, I called Jone. I was not disappointed; her subject-matter knowledge was far deeper than I even had expected, and her level of effort, quality of work, and turnaround were exceptional. I think anyone would be lucky to work with, or for, Jone." Eric Schnurer, CEO Public Works, LLC   "I've worked with Jone for several years and on a range of different activities -- project conceptualization, project management, strategic planning and grant writing. Jone was instrumental in the writing of two competitive grant proposals that resulted in $1.5 Million in funding for our Center. Jone also has a wealth of experience to draw upon as a one-on-one coach/consultant to leaders and projects that are going through significant transitions - whether the need is for rapid scaling up or down. I encourage you to hire Jone, she is very effective and worth the investment." Melinda Biers, Ph.D., Associate Director, Center for Character and Citizenship, University of Missouri-St. Louis “Whenever you need the most energetic, intelligent, and creative person to help shape your business strategy, or connect you with influencers, or design your consulting and coaching programs, call on Jone Bosworth. Jone is an inspiring mentor and tireless thinking partner who will make any engagement a don't miss experience!" Dr. Kathy Cramer, Managing Director - The Cramer Institute "Jone is amazing. She is unusual in that she can frame brilliant strategies, yet she is also inclined toward action--she gets difficult things done. She has a wealth of expertise, as well as the wisdom to apply it. Jone is not only a superb coach of leaders, she is a strong leader in her own right. In a world that's often black and white, she is technicolor!” Dr. Jane Linder, Managing Director, NWN Corporation "Jone is a personable, professional and highly effective executive coach and consultant. Her experiences in the private, public and philanthropic sectors, have provided her rich and diverse experiences in working with employees and clients from many different backgrounds. She is a great listener and a clear thinker. Her insights and thoughtful recommendations have proved invaluable to my work." Craig Ware Stewart, President & Trustee, APEX Foundation  “Jone is an inspiring thought leader and brings tremendous experience and expertise in her field. Her ability to look at the big picture while understanding procedural and operational nuances makes her an excellent leader and an exceptional motivator while providing strategic value to her clients. I have reached out to Jone on countless occasions for guidance and have gained professionally and personally from our relationship. I am eagerly looking forward to working with Jone again!”Abhijit Verekar, PMP, CEO, RNR Consulting (Inc. 500|5000 Honoree)  

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Leadership; social justice; women's advancement; politics; human rights; immigration; alleviating poverty; HHS policy & programs; Education reform. Darned good blues singer, pretty fair writer, awesome world traveler.

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